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Concept to Occupancy, 100% Turnkey


The 720 Model

As a Modular Progressive Design-Build Company, our DNA is rooted in standardizing construction to maximize modular efficiencies, while reducing project risk. Quite simply, we are ‘Shepherds’ of an innovative construction ecosystem where traditional onsite construction meets modular offsite standardization to deliver improved outcomes for stakeholders.

Shorter timelines, higher quality, repeatable designs, and budget certainty are why many owners and developers are including modular construction as part of their strategic plan.

Multi-Unit Modular (a.k.a. complex modular) requires a unified approach; avoid the pitfalls of engaging with single-focus vendors and trust our structured, collaborative, and efficient way of providing cost and schedule certainty.

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Structured process to de-risk your project.


Repeatable elements turned into rapid solutions.


We assist you in fulfilling every prerequisite, turning your concepts into a defined project scope, budget, and timeline – the essential blend to initiate your capital funding discussions.

Pre-Construction Design

When 720 Modular directs the process, initiating early collaborative planning with all project stakeholders harnesses the full potential of commercial modular construction.


We integrate parallel work streams, including offsite factory construction and onsite civil work, along with precise delivery. Each stream is meticulously planned, executed, and coordinated to seamlessly align offsite and onsite elements.


We manage the coordinated transition to occupancy permit with a detailed walkthrough, final adjustments, and provide all relevant documentation and keys, ensuring everything aligns with the established specifications.

The Current with Matt Galloway

Tackling the housing crisis with prefabricated modular homes

Could modular homes be a key part of solving Canada’s housing crisis? Some experts say this type of structure, built quickly in a warehouse like Lego, could be what’s needed to get more Canadians into homes of their own.

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Download the report: The State of Prefabrication in Canada to learn about multi-unit, commercial modular and the potential value modular could be to your project.


Recent Projects

Our Clients

“CMHA PEI Division’s experience working with 720 Modular has been superior from the onset. They are extremely professional, organized, knowledgeable, and friendly. They are always on time and have met all the deliverables to date. It has been a pleasure to engage with the 720 team to work towards the completion of our project.”   

Shelley M.,
Canadian Mental Health Association, PEI

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